Home made.
Family Owned.



Family owned since 1969, La Trattoria serves homemade Italian cuisine in the heart of the Farmington Valley. A collection of authentic rustic favorites and contemporary twists fills the menu, highlighted by a table-side dishes, makes dining here a complete experience.



Table-side preparation is a classical technique, highly regarded by chefs around the world. La Trattoria has been specializing this art for decades and is committed to an exceptional dining experience - beginning to end.


Caesar Salad starts with two forks and a wooden bowl. Using those basic tools, combined with crispy romaine, garlic, mustard, lemon and more, watch as your server creates this memorable dish.

Steak Diane

An eye-catching meal. Lean, thinly pounded steak is flambeed with brandy and seasoned pan juices inches from your table. This classic entree is as thrilling to watch as it is to eat.


Indulgent dishes like Bananas Foster, Cherries Jubilee and flambeed coffees all highlight the after-dinner menu here at La Trattoria. Sweet, delicious and entertaining, these table-side dishes are the grand finale to a perfect night out.




Thursday Nights | Starting at 5:00pm

Drop in Thursdays for our weekly Buck-a-Schuck on Connecticut Blue Point Oysters and Cherry Stones. Don't worry, we schuck them for you. Order up some Jumbo Shrimp too for just $2.50 each.
Vista Point wines are just $5 a glass and live music in the bar too.


Family-Style Feast...with leftovers of course.

It's a feast without the fuss. Enjoy the finer details of Thanksgiving - turkey carved table-side, fixings being passed around the table, rich pies for dessert - prepared and served here at La Trattoria. We even pack-up the leftovers for your to take home. Reservations required.

Reserve your family table today.  Call: 860-673-5000


SINCE 1969

La Trattoria has been delivering remarkable service and homemade recipes for nearly 50 years.